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Old 02-15-2008, 08:27 PM
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Originally Posted by *THEM* View Post
While I am excited about this movie, all of my 'mainstream' friends gave a chuckle when I told them how much I wanted to see this movie. They made crude jokes about Spock's ears, Kirk as a womanizer, etc.

All of these things they picked up from the Star Trek fan stigma. It's more widespread than you think it is!

For example, Star Wars fans are not in any way considered as having as poor taste in entertainment as Star Trek fans are. For some reason Star Wars never fully gained that sort of mainstream 'running joke' that Star Trek has with non fans, the mainstream types.

Is this because it's about War, instead of complex issues dressed up as Sci-fi? I think so. They like or at least accept Star Wars since it is the most dumbed down Sci-fi you can get for the mainstream. Star Trek is too complex, they see it as an 'inside' thing.

Why try to even watch when others will shame you? Why start to watch when you are 28 seasons and 10 movies out of touch?

All you have to do is watch 6 Star Wars movies, with the last 3 Star Wars movies being on a catatonic auto pilot in terms of story, then you are an 'expert'?

Something to think of.
I think this movie can and will help Star Trek break out of it’s “nerd” stereotype for young adults and established Trek fans.

As for older kids and teenagers, I think the challenge will be getting many of them to see the movie.

Why? Well in all avid Trek fans I’ve seen, there are certain characteristics I’ve found in common. These are: Ambition, an appreciation for education, a like for science, concern/hope for the future, and an assertive self image that is independent of influence from fads and popularity.

As for many teenagers today, there are some of these elements missing. Our culture can be very damaging to a kid's self image and ironically, Hollywood has much to blame for that. What do Bratz Girls, Barbie dolls, and many female pop music stars have in common? They are overly sexualized elements in media that serve as role models for how our girls interpret for who and what they should become. Even from the time they are young, these images tell them that they should aim to be popular, rich, and physically perfect. Where do ambition, education, and a vision for our world’s future fit into those goals? Where would Star Trek fit into goals for a girl influenced by our culture that tells her the only thing she should be concerned about is having a boyfriend along with all of the latest clothing, cell phones, and everything else she’d need in order to “keep up with the Joneses” and belong to the right cliques?

What about boys? My brother taught me a lesson about this. He would tell any guy at school that he hated Star Trek, but every night when TNG came on, there he’d be watching it with the rest of us, eyes glued to the tv set. Why? Same as girls. It wouldn’t have been “cool” for him to admit to his “cool” buddies that he liked Star Trek. He had a self-image to maintain in a world that discourages our kids from just being who they are, instead of slaves to the fear of exclusion and ridicule for not fitting into a certain kind of a cookie-cutter "mold".

I know my post is way too long, but I’ll go ahead and sum up what I wanted to say here. I think the new movie will initially be very popular with college-age, post-college young adults, and established Trek fans (young kids may also be included, but I guess that'll depend on the movie's rating). After that, maybe some kids will see the movie for it’s adrenaline inducing special effects and may see the movie just to get a thrill.

Now, here’s the good news: If this movie is on the level as is being communicated by Hollywood, then it’ll be on the same level as Star Wars with lots of bells, whistles, and special effects. That being the case, there may be a lot of kids who just come to see the movie for the thrill of adrenaline inducing excitement. That may not be for the love of Trek, but if Star Trek stays popular, then they may later begin to appreciate what Star Trek has been about all along.

Okay, that’s all I wanted to say. If you took the time to read all of that, you have my thanks.

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