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Old 01-09-2009, 10:55 PM
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Default Canon Debate - Does it exist & is Canon important to you?

What is canon for you? Everyone seems to have their own opinion of what is and is not, which I think is great.

Star Trek canon is usually defined as comprising the television series ten motion pictures, and excluding everything else. However, this definition is not set in stone, but that the notion of what constitutes canon in Star Trek is fluid, open to interpretation and debate.

It has been noted that Gene Roddenberry was something of a revisionist when it came to canon. People who worked with Roddenberry remember that he used to handle canon not on a series-by-series basis nor an episode-by-episode basis, but point by point. If he changed his mind on something, or if a fact in one episode contradicted what he considered to be a more important fact in another episode, he had no problem declaring that specific point non-canon.

Based on the amount of creative control Roddenberry exerted over the first seasons of Star Trek, some people argue that only Roddenberry-approved material should be considered canon. Such an approach would eliminate from canon anything Roddenberry didn't like, as well as everything made after his death, including the movies and TV series. However, Roddenberry himself pre-emptively rebuked such an attitude. He had hoped that Star Trek would go on after his death. As Star Trek was constantly improved by each following generation, he expected people to look back upon its humble beginnings as just that, the simple beginnings of something much bigger and better. Roddenberry clearly never intended Star Trek to be limited to his work, but to include all the hopefully superior work of future generations.

Another factor that contributes to blur the line between canon and non-canon is the fact that some writers like to include elements from popular non-canon works into canon episodes or films. ST:XI appears to be doing this with the writers tie in Comic book mini-series and their including elements from their favorite novels and other sources.

I'm curious to find out what others include in their "Canon" or if it matters to them at all. I myself never gave it much thought before becoming a member of this forum. But I'm a fan and not a fanatic, so my canon is that I accept pretty much everything that has the name Star Trek on it.

So what is included in what you consider canon: Live action TV series, The animated series, feature films, Star Trek fan productions like the ST:Phase II webisodes, fictional novels, TV episode and film novelizations, ST video games, the Star Trek: The Experience attraction in Las Vegas, reference books and what ever else I didn't think of to mention.

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