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Old 12-07-2008, 12:22 AM
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Post Is anyone here just not sure? Like me?

I am a second generation trekkie (the great tradition was past on to me by my parents). They grew up watching TOS as it premiered each week, and I learned from them. The TOS has always been my favorite series and the first 6 movies were mine and my brothers favorite movies. Star Trek is a very fun and nostalgic thing for me.

As far as J.J. goes, I have never watched much, of his work, but that I did watch gave me the impression he knows his way around a movie set. Now when I heard about this movie, I was excited; when I heard about the changes, I became nervous. I read about the changes in design, story, etc. And I took them all into consideration. And my conclusion is... I don't know. I like some changes and dislike others. Some of the iconic images have been changed, most are pretty good, others are a little iffy. I'm not going to list them, because its really a matter of opinion.

Whats really important to me is whether or not, this movie will truly capture the essence of the show we all know and love. One of the central things being the Trek Trinity of Kirk Spock and McCoy. I'm a huge fan of J.J.'s statement that Kirk and Spock are like Lennon and McCartney; To me the are like, well... Kirk and Spock. I'm not so worried if Chris Pine can... pull off... the Shatner pause, so much as pull off the indestructible, but still human Kirk, and so on with the other characters. Can these actors work with their environment and create that sense of awe, but still make Kirk, Spock, and McCoy seem as real as I always felt they were. And this isn't just for fanboys but for new fans too. If this movie can't capture what made all of us (who have enough passion about it to argue these points) fall in love with it, then they aren't watching Star Trek, but just another popcorn seller.

Star Trek has always been on different level than other movies and shows for me, because to me Kirk and Spock were real to me in a way that Luke or Anakin, or any other character never were. So I look forward to seeing this movie, and hoping that it will be all that we hope it will be. _\\// Live Long and Prosper! (Comments and arguments are welcome and encouraged)
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