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Old 12-02-2008, 09:15 AM
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Default The year the film is set

I don't know if this has been discussed before so apologies if it has, but I got to thinking that there are a lot of questions about the likelihood of all the characters being on the ship at the same time, and it started me wondering about whether there was a way to maybe narrow down the options of when in the timeline the new film could be set.

So uising the biographical data that we know and which is summarised on Memory Alpha I took a look at each characters history (Birth dates, bio etc) and came up with the following thought.

The film can make sense of all the crew being present if it's set around 2265, or even 2264.

Kirk was born 2233, and was a Captain by 2265 (age 32), he was also a lieutenant by 2255 (22) so it ties in with his rapid command advancement, it also fits with Pike's accident taking place not long before 'The Menagerie' which was also 2265, so Pike can be healthy and in command of the Enterprise before Kirk takes over.

As to the others, Uhura was born in 2239 so would be 26 in 2265 (this fits with Saldana's age), Sulu was born 2237 so would 28 (again a fit for Cho), Chekov was born in 2245 and went into the Acadamy in 2263 so would be 21/22 (again a fit for Yelchin), McCoy was born around 2226/2227 so would be in his late 30's (which fits for Urban), and the only other matter is Scotty, as he was born 2222 he would be in his 40s which maybe Pegg looks younger than but some people age better than others! It also fits for Spock, born 2232 and having stayed with the Enterprise through Pike's command into Kirk's. There's also some evidence that the Enterprise was the first ship assignment of some of the crew. And it slots in neatly to taking place just before the TOS five year mission.

Basically, I think the events can hold together if the film were set in the period of early 2265. But I know there is no evidence for that being when that part of the film is set, I just looked at it from curiosity and was a little surprised to find that it can work out based on some of the things we can say about each characters bio.

I just wondered what other people might think.
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