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Old 02-09-2008, 08:46 AM
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Default Enterprise Construction Materials

It seemed odd at first to see them using welding torches that far in future to build the ship (in teaser). However, if you consider that they may still need to weld the frame but then have some sort of high technology panels that seal together over the top, that would make sense. I do like the retro factor
of the 60's space program with the welding sequence that makes you feel like you're back with Roddenberry, Shatner & Nimoy when they first started this amazing venture.

I saw some earlier posts about thoughts of how they can get the ship from the shipyard in San Francisco up to space. Here's a thought. It seems to me they could have these giant devices on the top of cranes that they roll in and
literally beam it into orbit. For short range launches it could just beam
it into space dock where they prepare for launch.

OK, Ive been obsessed with this fricking show since I was 8 years old
and can't wait to see what J.J. does with the film. If he uses the
same kind of mystical sense of wonder that is in Lost, this will be
fantastic. That is what is missin from movies imho, is that sense of
wonder that we had as kids growing up in the 60's and looking up
at the stars and believing this stuff will become true one day.
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