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Old 09-25-2011, 09:33 AM
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Old 09-25-2011, 10:07 AM
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*Utopia Planita Spacedock in orbot above Mars, observatrion deck 27*

*Captain K'larrg, loooked out at the new command that awited him. The crew still working feversihly replacing defelctor dish parts, and soem hull plating.

The new pip on his collar still seemed strange as he saw his vague refection in the transparent aluminum. His metallic Klingon sash crossing the black, grey, and red unform of Starfleet made him stick out almost as much as Klingon ridges on his forehead. His long dark hair, milidly streaked with grey was fasioned into a tight warrior's braid that ended at his waist.

His 15 years in Starfleet had been intersting ones. Only the second Klingon to join Starfleet, he had left the Klingon Defence Force originally as part of an exchange program between the Klingons and Starfleet. When the Dominon war broke out, he had chosen to remain with Starfleet, since so mnay of it's valiant warriors had persihed so easily at the hands of the cowardly Dominon.

He had accepted a Commsion of Lt Comnader, and second officer, on the USS Ambassador, and old Ambassador class starship, but at the Battle of Betazed, both Captain Marcus, and first officer, Commander Andrews persihed when a Jem'Hadar torpedo destoryed the bidge.

K'larrg took command of the Ambassador, and using the battle bridge had driven back two Jem'Hadar ships, and destoryed a third.

Starfleet gave him a commendation, a medal, and a promotion to full commader.

Until 4 weeks ago, he had been First Officer in the USS Enterprise-E, until Captain Picard had annouced his retirement from Starfleet due to being offered the position of Starfleet Ambasador to the Federation Council.

While K'larrg had been happy for his Captain, he knew he would miss serving with a Commander who truely knew what the Klingon way was like, but could temper it with his own brand of cunning, and insight.

K'larrg had learned much in those years. Picard had hoped K'larrg would remain with the Enterprise, but Starfleet had other plans.

Starfleet had offered him Command of the USS Gorkon, who's Captain, Captain Zardoz was being promoted to Commdore. Starfleet knew it had a good commander, and as a PR to show diversity in the fleet, espeically to the Klinong allies, was a feather in Starfleet's cap.*

Captain K'larrg:"This will be a most difficult challenge."

Picard:"Often Captain K'larrg, the most difficult challenges have the biggest rewards."

*K'larrg whirled around to see his old commander, no longer in a Starfleet uniform, but Ambassadorial robes befitting his new postion.*

Captain K'larrg:"Captain, this is most.....unexpected suprise."

Picard:"Acutally, it's "Ambassador" now. But how about for now you call me Jean Luc?"

Captain K'larrg:"You commaded one of these ships Galaxy Class ships did you not, Jean Luc?"

Piacrd:"For seven years, a great ship, that went far too soon, K'larrg. But with all the upgrades I read about, this will hardly be like my old ship."

Captain K'larrg:"Speaking of Enterprises, what will become of the Enterprise-E?"

Picard:"Oddly enough, she'll be having a "homecoming" of sorts. Captain Data wil be assuming command."

Captain K'larrg:"I was under the impression Captain Data had no desire to return to active space duty after his....."reintergration" years ago."

Picard:"I was equally as suprised K'larrg, being the Academy Commandant had it's "perks." But, what I came to say was good luck on your new command, and always remember to "see what's out there."

*Picard offered his arm in the tradtional Klingon arm embrabce, a gesture that was not lost on K'larrg, who returned the offered arm with gusto*

Captain K'larrg:"I am honored sir. I too wish you success with your career path."

*Commdore Zardoz enters the now cramped observation area*

Zardoz:"Am I interupting?"

Picard:"I was just leaving Commdore."

Zardoz:"Nice to see you, Ambassador Picard."

Picadr:"Likewise, commdore."

*Picard leaves*

Captain K'larrg:"Commdore Zardoz."

Zardoz:"Captain K'larrg, how's the "old girl" shaping up?"

Captain K'larrg:"The Gorkon will launch on schedule, as the last technical report stated Commdore."

Zardoz:"Good to know she is in safe hands Captain K'larrg."

Captain K'larrg:"Permission to speak freely Commdore?"


Captain K'larrg:"Why did you reccomend me for this Command? There wer far more qualified canadates."

Zardoz:"Captain K'larrg, being a Starship Captain requires more than glowing reviews, and Academy taught ideas. It requires someone who can think on their own, or as humans say "outside the box." It's not a skill that can be taught, you have it, or you don't. And you Captain K'larrg, have that. being alive for 400 years has it's advantages."

Captain K'larrg:"I see Commdore. There are those who say it was politcally motivaed."

Zardoz:"Trust me Captain K'larrg, you EARNED this command."

Captain K'larrg:"Thank you for your candidness, sir."

Zardoz:"I knew I chose well. How about a tour of the Grokon?"

Captain K'larrg:"I would be honroed sir."
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Old 09-27-2011, 11:51 AM
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*Jed Jeggins Jr. he had huge shoes to fill being the son of one Starfleets greats engineering minds. Some felt that Jed Jr. was a brighter mind then even his father. Jed how ever disagreed, it seemed like poetic Justice that Jed Jr was assigned to work on the Gorkon. His father had been assigned to a ship with the same name. With all the upgrades and changes this wasn't his father's ship.
The Shuttle approached the ship Jed always liked to take the shuttles to his ships first to see the exteriors of them once on board he didn't get to see them as much. Galaxy Class, a beautiful design been in commission for years. Jed had read up on his new Captain, K'larrg. The first Klingon captian in Starfleet. This was going to be an interesting tour of duty. Jed was sent to the this mission to over see his new shield technology he and his father had designed. The Encycling sheilding as they called it was based on borg technology. Jed held the rank of commander in Starfleet, how ever Jed wasn't sure whether he would be serving as the First officer or Cheif Engineer his primary order from starfleet were to over see the sheilds on their first outing, they weren't clear on his official title, and he almost didn't care. First officer was a honor he was a capable commander but, like his father the engine room was his favorite place to be.
The Shuttle landed in the main shuttle bay. Jed stood and walked out over to the wall, and tapped up the computer.
Jeggins: "Computer location Captian K'larrg."
Computer: [Captain K'larrg is currently on Turbo lift 1 heading for deck 2.]
*Jed started toward the indicated location for the captain. Moments later he was walking down a hall way on Deck 2 looking for the Captain. He saw him talking with Commodore Zardoz. Jed paused at the hallway as to not interuppt their conversation.*
Zardoz: "... can see there are a lot of modifications. She's hardley feels like my old ship... Who is this we have here... Jeggins? Jed Jeggins?"
*Jed Nodded* Yes sir.
*Zardoz looks at Jed Closer studying him.*
Zardoz: "You have your mother's eyes..."
Jed: "Thank you?"
Zardoz: "Yes its a compliment."
K'larrg: "Ah this is the son of Jeggins your famous Engineer."
Jed "Reporting for duty, Sir."
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Old 09-27-2011, 12:56 PM
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*During Jed's Post*

K'larrg (Extanding hand in human fashion)"Welcome aboard Mr. Jeggins, you honor this ship with your service."

Jeggins (Shaking the oddly cool hand)"Thank you sir. May I assume my duites, sir?"

K'larrg:"By all means Lt. Commander. I belive your father is touring engineering."

Jeggins:"Thank you, sir."

*Jeggins walks away*

Zardoz:"A human handshake, intersting choice there Captain."

K'larrg:"Is that not human custom? I belived I prefomed it correctly, Commdore."

Zardoz (Laughing)"It is indeed Captain, and you preformed it admirably."

K'larrg:"I would be honored sir, if you joined me for for the traditional pre mission bloodwine salute to all warriors."

Zardoz:"No Captain, it is I that would be honored. Lead the way. Is the bloodwine warm?"

*Gorkon Engineering-The Elder Jed Jeggins is talking to a group of engineers, as the younger Jeggins enters.*

Jeggins Dad:"...and then we were in this alternate universe where the Borg....get this...were peaceful!!"

*This gets oohs and ahhs from the group*

Jed:"I hate to break this up, but I belive Captain Jeggins was on a tour?"

*The group snaps to attnetion, and moves off as Jed slips in with his Dad.*

Jeggins Dad:"Well, if it's not Starfleet's latest "miricale worker! You'd better takle care of this old girl, she's been through alot."

Jed:"This is almost not the ship you knew Dad. You've read the refit reports.'

Jeggins Dad:"Multiphasic Sheilds, Bio Nucleaic gel pack computer components, Trans modulating Phasers, and the new Mark 16 Warp core. Just making the best a little better."

Jed:"I know Dad, you invented most of them."

Jeggins Dad:"But seriously, this is your ship now. I know a Captain runs the bridge, but it's us engineers who really run the ship."

Jed:"I know. This isn't my first posting you know."

Jeggins Dad:"I am sorry we were lost for so long, it wasn't like I had a choice that we were stuck in an alternate universe for 6 years."

Jed:"That didn't bother me Dad, I understood that. It was the two years after you got back before you even tried contacting my sister, and myself.

Jeggins Dad:"But you know what a circus it was when we brought the Gorkon back. Starfleet parading us around, the medals, the speaking engagements."

Jed:"Last time I checked, the comm channels still worked. Or, were you just too "busy?"

Jeggins Dad:"Ok, I f**ked up. I got back to find out your mother had died, and that hurt so deeply Jed. Seeing you, and your sister would have just made it worse.

Jed:"Maybe we could have got through it togeter as a family, but you didn't allow us the chance."

Jeggins Dad:"Ok, you're right. But I am here now, trying to make it better."

Jed (realizing):"You!! You were the reason I got this post!! I should have known."

Jeggins Dad:"No, you were qualified. I may have whispered in a couple of ears, but I did not "pull strings" top get you this assigment. Captain K'larrg spent several years as Picard's XO, and he does not play politics when it comes to crew."

Jed:"Alright, maybe I overreacted."

Jeggins Dad:"I know I haven't been the best parent since I returned. But, why not give your "old man" a second chance?"

Jed:"Ok. Why don't we go check out the Dilithium matrix settings? I have a few ideas that imporve on your concepts for tit."

Jeggins Dad (Smiling):"That, I'd love to hear!"
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Old 09-28-2011, 06:53 AM
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*Engineering After Zardoz's Post*

Jeggins Sr: "That we did... I just wish your mother was here to see it."

Jeggins Jr: "She's be proud..." *Jed gets lost in thought for a moment he was twelve when he heard the news that the ship she was suddenly attacked and she was lost saving the ship from a warp core breach. Jr and Sr had begun working on the Mark 16 warp core that day. Part of the redunacy systems was a new release system that would automatically launch the warp core out of the ship should an emenant breach be detected.*

Jeggins Sr: "We met right here in this room..."

Jeggins Jr: "Yes I remember the story. *A smile came to their faces*

Jeggins Sr: "Well son I have to get back the Rodenberry, treat her well."

Jeggins Jr *Hugging his father* "I'll take care of her 'old man'."

*Jeggins Sr pauses and patted a bulkhead* "Treat her well and she'll take you any
where you want to go and always bring you home."

*After Jeggins Sr left Engineering Jr stepped to the Center of the Room and spoke to
his team.*

Jed "Alright everyone the show's over. I know Starfleet has given us the green light
but I want to double check all the systems as they said with NASA back in Earth
History. 'Give me a go no go for launch.'"

*Everyone went to their assigned stations to give final flight checks, and of course like
a well oiled machine everything checked out. While everyone was focused on their
screens Jed pulled a small silver object out his pocket and walked over to the warp
core house, he knelt down and ran his hand along the frame of the housing and then
places what he held on a smooth part of the housing. It was placard that read in
small letters 'In memory of' larger letters below it read 'Casey Jeggins'.*

*Jed stood back admiring the addition his eyes ran up the housing.* "For you mom."

*From behind him a someone spoke in a low voice.* "Nice addition sir."

*Jed turned to face a Bajoran* "Ah you must be Harvaris Kusto"

*Kusto Nods* "Yes sir, just wanted to say it'll be an honor serving with you. Your
family are legendary."

*Jed shakes his head* "We're just engineers."

*Kusto Laughs* "Modesisty? I hadn't expected that."

Jed: *Shrugs* "Its true. Just becuase Mom and Dad had some great adventures and
we've have some creative idea's doesn't make us any more than anyone else."

Kusto: "You.. aren't what I expected..."

Jed: "Im full of surprises."

Kusto: "Thats good to know. I just wanted to formally introduce my self I'll get back
to double checking some of the minor systems."

*Jed Nods and walks over to his main terminal and sits down at it*

Jed "Computer begin first Cheif Engineer Log: Authorization CCJ-1138."

*Jed starts his first report as cheif engineer his team doing checks of the system sending reports to him.*
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Old 09-28-2011, 07:54 AM
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*USS Gorkon-Captain's Ready Room-Shortly After Jed's Post, Commdore Zardoz anmd K'larrg are rasing Klinogn Tankards full of Bloodwine*

K'larrg:"To success!! Long live the Federation, long live the alliance!"

Zardoz:"I'll drink to that."

*Both clang their tankrads before guzzling them down*

Zardoz:"Bloodwine is best when it's warm."

K'larrg:"You drink like a Klingon sir."

Zardoz:"High priase indeed, Captain. But I should be going. The Roddenberry is going ot depart soon."

K'larrg:"If I may ask sir, why did you give up command?"

Zardoz (A bit startled by the question):"I am sure by now you have heard of the Gorkon's missions under my command."

K'larrg:"I know what I have heard in the popular media sir. You and your crew came back as heroes, but then took this ship on a tour of the Federation, instead of going back out, or even retireing."

Zardoz:"Not my choice. Starfleet wanted us to be symbols. Let's just say, I got tired of making speeches, and being hailed as a hero."

K'larrg:"I fail to see how being the commnader of a training ship (The Roddenberry) is worthy of you, Commdore."

Zardoz:"This way, I, and many of my old crew, can shape the future of Starfleet, starting with cadets. We can now shape the future of the fleet, one cadet at a time."

K'larrg:"Thank you Commdore, I appricate your...."candidnes."

Zardoz:"Thank you for keeping this ship, and her legacy alive Captain, Q'plah!"

K'larrg:"Q'plah, sir."

*Zardoz leaves*

K'larrgTapping Commbadge)"K'larrg to Jeggins."

Jeggins (On Comm):"Here, sir."

K'larrg:"I require the ETA on running the test of the warp engines, and deflector array."

Jeggins:"I can get that to you...."

K'larrg(interrupting):"Please come to my ready room, and give them to me in person as soon as your duty permits, Commander."

Jeggins:"Understood sir, Jeggins out."
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(Crawford slammed the padd down onto his office desk causing several of his staff to look round to see what the noise was about. He put his hands on his hips and sighed audiably, he began pacing then stopped deciding to flop into his chair. One of his nurses entered the office but a look from him sent her scurrying away again.

Crawford was an eighth Andorian, you could hardly tell visibly but it sometimes came out in brief bursts of a temper in his otherwise calm and collected, and sometimes grumpy personality. He'd been on the Gorkon for 4 years and had just been promoted to Chief Medical Officer, his initial elation had turned sour when he'd discovered their new captain was a Klingon. He never used to have problems with Klingon's, he found them loud and smelly but the same could be said for many other people and species. The reason Crawford hated Klingon's was because he'd lost three in his family when the Klingon's briefly entered in war with the Federation just before the Dominion crisis, he knew it wasn't the fault of all Klingon's but he couldn't help the feelings of animoscity towards them. And now a Klingon was their captain.

After taking a deep breath Crawford sighed and did what had to be done. He reached across to his console and opened a channel to the Captain's ready room.)

Crawford: "Crawford to Captain K'larrg."

K'larrg: "This is K'larrg, speak doctor." (Crawford ground his teeth, he knew that for a Klingon K'larrg was being very polite, but he couldn't help the fresh feelings of anger welling up in him.)

Crawford: "Am available at your convienience sir, staff and facilities are at full capacity, I'll have the report to you by 0900 tomorrow."

K'larrg: "That is acceptable. I expect you in my ready room at 1900 hours today, I will have many questions so be prepared."

Crawford: "Yes. Sir." (K'larrg paused for a second his eyes scrutinising Crawford. Crawford tried to put on a more neutral face realising that his anger had seeped through into their conversation, he half expected K'larrg to shout at him. instead he simply nodded.)

K'larrg: "I look forward to our meeting, Commander." (The screen then went blank. Crawford realised that he'd been holding his breath for the last several seconds and so he let it out in a long exhale. The nurse he'd scared away sheeplishly appeared at his door again, feeling slightly bad for how he'd been rude to her before he beckoned her inside.)

Crawford: "Please come in nurse...?"

Elana: "Elana sir, I, I just came aboard."

Crawford: "Of course I've read your file, I apologise for my mood before, nothing to do with you, I'm not usually like this I promise." (He smiled and extended a hand, she shook it and look relieved.)

Elana: "I thought I'd done something wrong. My brother is also aboard, he said to expect a ship full of heroes with big expectations."

Crawford: "Your brother?"

Elana: "Harvaris Kusto, he's an engineer."

Crawford: "Ah yes I've met him once, when he came in for his physical, seems a nice young man. I can assure we're not all hereos, I've only just taken this post myself."

Elana: "Indeed, yes sir." (There was a pause.)

Crawford: "Can I do something for you?" (Elana fumbled with her padd for a moment then handed it to Crawford.)

Elana: "Requisition orders sir, for supplies and equipment." (Crawford frowned.)

Crawford: "As far as I understood it everything was in order."

Elana: "These orders came in earlier today, the Captain wanted additional supplies." (Crawford looked over the inventory feeling his anger rising again. It would take them days to get these supplies in, he'd have to make more space in medical storage for it all as well. Who did this Klingon b*****d think he was deciding what medical supplies they needed!? Elana was beginning to look nervous again seeing Crawford's face darken. Without taking his eyes off the padd Crawford said to Elana.)

Crawford: "Dismissed." (Elana left quickly leaving Crawford in his bad mood with his padd.)
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*Jed Jeggin's and his team continue to run all a pre flight tests. All systems check out either normal or above normal. He then gathers his padd and straigten's his uniform, all the test are above 'optimal' permameters. Starfleets standards might need to be upgdraded if the new warp core works out. He leave engineering heading for the turbo lift to the Bridge.*

*Jed enters the Bridge and buzzes the Captian's Ready Room*

K'largg: "Enter."

*Jed enters the room standing at attention.*

K'largg: "Jeggins, lets hear your report.*

Jed: "Warp Core is operation above Starfleet norms, which I might add was to be expected, deflector array, is also fully operational again above Starfleet Specs. Also as you'll see on the padd *Hands over to K'largg* all other systems are running at peak levels."

K'largg: "Good news to hear."
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*Gorkon Ready Room-During Jed's Post*

K'larrg:"But I have a few questions, Lt Commander."

Jed:"Of course sir."

K'larrg:"It is not nessicary to stand in my presence, have a seat."

Jed(Sitting):"Thank you sir."

K'larrg:"I may be Klingon Lt. Commander, but this is not a Klingon vessel. I do not expect my staff to act like it is."

Jed:"Of course Captain. Your questions?"

K'larrg:"I see the tatical system was changed away from the Mark 5 to the Mark 4, why? The Mark 5 is the latest in tatical systems for starships."

Jed:"Becuase the Mark 4 is reliable, sir. The Mark 5 has a 46% failure rate in prolonged battle senarios."

K'larrg:"So, you made a decison of this maganatude without consulting your commanding officer, mere days from launch?"

Jed:"I did sir, and I would do it again 100 times."

K'larrg(Laughing):"GOOD! I want officers who can think on their feet, and for what is best for this ship, and it's crew."

Jed(Realizing):"This....was a test...sir?"

K'larrg:"My own test to be sure. You passed admirably Lt. Commander. Please, reassume your duties."

*Jed leaves slightly coinfused as to what exactly just happened, as the door chimes again*


*Crawford Enters*

Crawford:"So "Sir", am I the CMO on this ship, or not?!"

K'larrgLooking at a padd)"Well it says here you are Doctor. What seems to be your "difficulty?"

Crawford:"Why were these supplies ordered without my appoval?"

K'larrg:"Simple, Doctor. We had last moment crew replacements and two of them were Armoxian."

Crawford:"..and Armoxians cannot use most of the antibotics iron based humanoids can."

K'larrg:"Also, you had not reported aboard yet, making that decison mine."

Crawford:"Permission to speak freely?"

K'larrg:"Privately, always Doctor."

Crawford:"I wish to be transfered."

K'larrg:"On what grounds Doctor?"

Crawford:"Dur to incompatablity with the commander of the vessel."

K'larrg:"I see. Request denied."

Crawford:"May I ask why?"

K'larrg:"I know you have distaste for my people, but I requested you, because you are the best CMO avilible. Also, your familiarity with the Gorkon from your years of service. Or, was Starfleet, and I, mistaken?"

Crawford(Confused):"You ASKED for me?"

K'larrg:"I belive I answered that question. If you would prefer, I can arrange a Slouthveth (Andoraian for Death Battle) on a holodeck, and we can settle any "misgivings" you have about me there. I admit it has been awhile since I weilded a V'lark (Andorain weapon, roughly sword-like)."

Crawford:"That...will not be nessciary, Captain."

K'larrg:"So, I trust this matter is closed?"

Crawford:"I guess it is sir."
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(Gorkon Bridge, just after Crawford's meeting with K'larrg - Crawford stepped out onto the bridge looking slightly confused, he'd been very nervous about confronting Captain K'larrg but had been determined to give him a piece of his mind. Now he had and K'larrg had been... accomodating and reasonable, completely what Crawford hadn't expected, a likeable Klingon. He began to realise how bitter he'd become over the last few years, he would aim to change that, but he still wasn't letting K'larrg off the hook that easily, he going to watch him like a hawk, surely a Klingon commander of a Federation Starship was a recipe for disaster! Looking across the bridge he saw Commander Jeggins was still on the bridge, currently at the engineeringn station at the rear, he walked across to introduce himself.)

Crawford: "I had the pleasure of working with your father a few times over the years, he's a good man, I certainly slept soundly at night knowing he knew how to keep his warp cores from exploding, are you going to give me the same peace of mind Mr Jeggins?" (Jed turned around and saw Crawford, he stood up and extended a hand.)

Jed: "I only work a couple of night shifts so any nightmares or broken sleep would have to be blamed on one of my duty officers. Jed Jeggins Junior."

Crawford: "Benjamin Crawford. A pleasure Mr Jeggins, I can see your father in you, it's uncanny, but your eyes, they're definitely your mothers." (Jed realised he was going to get that a lot, he wondered how he'd feel having his mother's memory dredged up on a regular basis.)

Jed: "You knew my mother?"

Crawford: "Not personally really, I aided in some of her physicals whilst I was still training, but that was years ago. Speaking of physicals, inform sickbay when a good time in your schedule is and I'll make sure you're not about to drop dead on duty."

Jed: "Of course Doctor, today probably isn't the best time but I should be able to squeeze it in tomorrow."

Crawford: "Excelent, it'll take a couple of hours so don't leave any crazy new-fangled experiments running." (Jed laughed.)

Jed: "Ha, I'll try and remember." (Crawford walked away towards the turbolift.)

Crawford: "Good good, I should sleep well tonight then." (Crawford decided that he liked Jed Junior. In truth the times he had encountered Jed Senior he'd never been sure if he liked him or not, not that was saying much as Crawford didn't like a lot of people, he wasn't the easiest person to get along with.)
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