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Darned politics. Last night I dreamt that the cast of Star Trek XI (sans Nimoy, for whatever reason) were all standing on a stage decked out for a presidential debate, complete with podiums, bunting, commentators, and crowds, and they each stood behind their respective podium and presented their opinions on the new movie and what they would bring to it and why people should go see it. The woman who asked the questions was so serious, asking questions about the sets just like they would ask about national security, and the actors were all talking very much like candidates.

Since I've had it up to here with politics and debates lately, this was all a bit too realistic for my taste.

Also, Simon Pegg was really hot. I'm not sure why this stands out. I've only seen one or two pictures of him, though, and mainly that one from where his head is tilted to one side, so his head was bent at a very odd angle throughout the dream and he couldn't seem to move his neck very well. So it was a little creepy, too.
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