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At first, thank you for your open thoughts. It is faszinating to to hear, that a change from a supporter of the GOP to Obama is possible. Especially as a texas citizen.

I understand the thoughts of NCC-73515 if a Star Trek forum is the right place for a political discussion. In europe (may be specially germany) people often suspicious about political discussions and political advertising, because we are thinking this will seperate the people and not uniting them (our history? - may be). But a lot of the users are thinking it is ok, so it will be ok.

I like political discussions very much and I am very interesting about the Pre-elections in the USA. Yes, and I have an opinion about a good candidate for the President chair. But I am not a citizen of the USA, so my opinion is not important for an american, i think. We have to live with it, what the USA are voting for.

Only some thoughts from the distant:
Obama: Well, I think a good candidate. Young, powerful, visions, no special obligations in Washington yet. But not a lot expieriences in work like this, only 3 years as a senator in D.C. What will he do, if the GOP is attacking him as a candidate for the Dems? I hope a lot they don't want attack him with religion, racism and something like that.

HRC: Ouhh, I can't see her crying in the White house. I think, she is a strong woman with a lot of expierience. Senator since 2000, background work in the white house. Yes, she wants power, but that are wanting all candidates. I think the administration clinton was a success. Low deficite spending, good economy politics and good ideas with health care (poorly no chances in a GOP senate). The failure: They a seperating the people in the USA "love her or hate her". The private war agains Newt Gringich and the neo cons.

McCain: in my opinion the real "stand up kid". In summer 2007 no money, no voters and now the candidate (where has been Rudy?). He has a chance against the Dems because he can fish the undecided voters in the middle. But he is a little bit old with 71 and the right wing of the GOP is not realy amused about him. But with Huckabee as runing mate, may be.

My meaning with no preferences:
HRC/Edwards against McCain/Huckabee
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