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Originally Posted by HokieinSC View Post
Trying to ground in science, not geek out here. The Enterprise HAS to have been built in space. Look at the design. The nacelle struts aren't designed to hold up the nacelles in a high or normal grav situation. The Intrepid class from Voyager is more plausible for a ground based construction because of the compact structure and having seen it land on a planetary surface more than once in that series.
Of course that is nonsense. The nacelle have to withstand 1g gravity, (it's evolved material of the 23th century!) otherwise a nebula, any gravitation wave, weapon..., that always shakes our 1701 crew in the series, would descroy the nacelle at once.

And better don't talk of correct science, because warp and beaming is scientific impossible. Even if there was a technology to warp the space in such a way, you would need thousand times of the energy the Enterprise could create..
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