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Originally Posted by Ready Room View Post
hmmm. that is a hard question to answer. if it creates a rift between the members, don't. But everyone should know that everyone has their own opinions and it is not our right to change it or insult it.

just my tow cents, vote Quimby

Homer - Take a good look at your beloved candidates. They're nothing but hideous space reptiles (Kang and Kodos become revealed).

Kang - It's true. We are aliens, but what are you going to do about it? It's a two party system. You have to vote for one of us.

Crowd mumbles - he's right, it's a two party system.

Crowd member - Well, I beleive I'll vote for a third party candidate.

Kodos - Go ahead, throw your vote away!

Kang and Kodos - maniacal laughter....
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