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Originally Posted by RedShirtWalking View Post
But there's a vast difference in being loyal to canon and being a slave to insignifcant details. I think the vast majority of people take canon to mean the story elements that make up Star Trek and the characters we have loved for so long---not the button sequence that was used to open Kirk's "safe" in his quarters or how the Bridge of the Enterprise is designed or even what the uniforms look like.

This film can absolutely tell a brand new story with a brand new look and new actors and still be 100% loyal to established events in Star Trek. I suspect that's exactly what will happen, too.
I totally agree with you 100%. However, there is the population of Star Trek fans who think there is no such thing as an "insignificant deatail." And truthfully, those are the people who speak of Star Trek with the loudest voices, and in turn, make it "geeky." Somebody actually said in a forum, "If Abrams can't get something as simple as the font right on the hull, or the color of the railing right on the bridge, how can we trust him to get the meaning of Star Trek as a whole?"

It is people like that, who think that you DO need to pay attention to all of those little things, who will be alienated by this movie.

But I want to stress, I agree with you totally. I'm not going to fret if the exact shade of colors aren't matched. I just want a good movie and a good story.

BTW, good SNL reference with the "Kirk's safe combination."
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