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''Disclosure'' is indeed the correct word to use. A ''disclaimer'' is denial of responsibility of something -- for example in movies when they disclaim that the characters are in some way coincidentally similar to real persons living or dead. Glenn is disclosing that he is a representative of both STNV and has worked in production -- not denying his affiliation. That's being forthright and owning up to a position that could be interpreted as biased.

For example, I disclose that Glenn is co-writing the novelization of STSOP with me, so my coming to his defense or the defense of STNV (as if either actually needs it) is my ''disclosure.''

I'll also lend my support to what ''HRH'' said -- I indeed support his statement that in a sense says, ''what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.''

Clean slate here, folks. The sad truth I learned from the boards when I stopped contributing is that there is a fairly strong undertone of negativity and ''people getting personal,'' and I am just one of a large number I know who have felt this and stopped contributing to that forum as well. It was not a pleasant experience and perhaps it's changed now -- albeit too late.

Do we really want to ''trash up'' this forum as well? I think it's possible to do the opposite and show our ''true colors'' and lose the ''fan-boy'' image often associated with Star Trek fans. There are university level courses that study the Star Trek phenomenon for God's sake. Many of the most successful leaders today have Star Trek fandom in their life's journey.

Let's be civil, try to avoid blanket generalizations and trite remarks as well as ''getting personal.'' That's really contrary to not only common courtesy, but contrary to the principles of Star Trek as well. I think we're all up to this challenge.
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