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@ SgtGlennSmith
Did you mean "disclaimer"? Anyway, I sometimes do not get my actual intent across as my thoughts kind of come out quickly & are short. Let me clarify in response to your post.

I'm sure Cawley has earned the right & is a great guy & I know this is his baby. STTNV seems to be really becoming something big & is getting better all the time as far as production value & press & staff including the actors. I really feel Cawley's performance comes off as an impersonation not an interpretation. I would hate to see that hold back something that continues to improve & could be big someday.
I have no problem with the actor who plays McCoy (except maybe his hair). I wonder if a talented director could pull some intensity out of him.
As for Scott. Well if he's not a pro or even an ameteur I understand & yes he would be doing an excellent job then. However, depending on where Cawley wants this thing to go, maybe he should be thanked for his valiant efforts & given a job behind the scenes & hire someone who can help move NV forward rather than hold it back. It's not his fault, he's not an actor as you said.
You speak of Lim in the past tense. Is he out? Or did I misunderstand? I thought he did an excellent job, I just didn't like his haircut.
Losing the Chekhov actor is a great loss. He was excellent & so much like Keonig it was creepy.
I'll be more specific about my comments on the sets. In some shots the bridge view screen looks small. Not bad just noticeable. Some of the lighting looks too dark. I geuss those were it. The sets do actually look pretty authentic & awesome. I geuss I just prefer the style of TNG & so on but that's my deal.
I think Cawley has stumbled upon something amazing which is clearly growing in leaps & bounds & I just don't want to see it held back because of an inability to let go.

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