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DISCLOSURE: I am a member of the Star Trek: New Voyages production crew. I am a speaking extra in the upcoming episode, David Gerrold's Blood and Fire. I am a New Voyages forum moderator.

On behalf of all the New Voyages cast and crew, I want to thank everyone who supports us. For those of you who don't, that's okay, too. You are of course entitled to your opinions.

KIRK: Like the rest of the cast, James Cawley's performance has improved with every episode. He, more than any fan I know of, has truly earned the right to play James T. Kirk. Balancing his interpretation of the character with the "Shatner" Kirk whom we all know and love cannot be an easy thing to do, and I applaud the performances he has given us in his efforts to find that proper balance.

SPOCK: Yes, with the upcoming Blood and Fire you will be introduced to a new Mister Spock. Ben Tolpin is a professional actor, and he spent every morning in the make-up chair watching TOS, studying Leonard Nimoy's performances. I think you will all be amazed at what you witness when his debut episode is released.

McCOY: I think DeForest Kelley has to be as hard an act to follow as William Shatner. Our own "Doc John" has been criticized more than once, unfairly in my opinion, but although I have not seen any of the final B&F footage myself, I'm told that he really nails it this time.

SCOTTY: Poor Charles. I think he, more than any of the rest of the cast, has been the target of some of the worst non-constructive criticism I have read. He's taken it all in stride, and his responses, when given, have been shining examples of professionalism. Charles is not a professional actor and is not an expert at speaking in various accents. I say this because a lot of the criticism I've read is about his accent on the show. Charles has a hard task. He's giving it his all and getting better with every round. Like Mister Kelley, James Doohan is a hard act to follow. Cut Charles some slack, will ya people? <--- referring to those beyond just this forum.

SULU: Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to meet Mister Lim personally, but I have to say I think he did a great job. Sometimes, if I closed my eyes, I could have sworn I was listening to George Takei.

CHEKOV: What can I say. Andy Bray was the best. Recommended for the part by Walter Koenig himself. Having moved on in his career, he will be missed.

UHURA: As it is for Ben Tolpin as Spock, Blood and Fire is Kim Stinger's premier as Uhura. You're going to love her, every one of you.

This is not the original series, folks. It is a continuation of the original five year mission. Like Mister Abrams' new film, these New Voyages are being taken by a new cast with their own interpretations of our beloved characters.

And for those of you who criticize the look of the sets, know this. They were built in painstaking detail from the original Paramount blueprints. They're not laid out in the studio the same, but every detail you see on screen is either the same as the original series, or an extension of it that today's modern technology has allowed our gifted artists to create.
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