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Originally Posted by OneBuckFilms View Post
Personally, I find voting for either Obama or Hillary to be the wrong decision. One I cannot make, since I am not a Citizen.

But I will say this:

Either one of them will undoubtably raise my taxes. I don't have the reference handy, but Obama, from what I understand, actually said this openly.

I would like to see the Government live within it's means without artificially inflating those means and decreasing mine.

I would like a government that actually enforces the borders by it's own laws, while streamlining the immigration and visa processes, so that legal, trackable immigration takes place.

There are no candidates who will do this, but I firmly believe that the current Democratic candidates are not going to help matters here.
I fully appreciate what you are saying here and I would have to say that none of us want to have our taxes raised. To me it seems that whatever party wins will be raising taxes anyway. So, I have to look at what issues are important to me and make my best decision, which I have done.

Obama speaks to my heart and for the first time since Ronald Reagan there is a candidate running for office that makes me proud to be an American and motivates me to actually get involved in the process. Hillary does not do that for me, nor does McCain. I see McCain as just another four years of the Bush regime extended under another name.

I believe the country needs a new and fresh direction and outlook and Obama provides that in loads. Hillary is the status quo and although we will some changes if she becomes President it will be basically the Bush/Clinton dynasty carrying on business as usual.

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