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Originally Posted by DS9TREK View Post
I missed that is a silly thing to say. Anyone think Baroness Thatcher cried when the Argies invaded the Falklands? No way. She called forth her generals, admirals and air-marshals and told them to go kick arse.

Actually I didn't say that because she is a woman but because her public tears of late do not show her as a strong leader but a weak one. I personally don't want to see a presidential hopeful breaking out into tears, which she has done on at least two occasions that I know of recently. I don't believe it exhibits strong leadership. If the context had been at a funeral or some tragedy I would find her tears appropriate. She has used her tears to manipulate the public and people's emotions. That I don't like.

I suppose I could have worded my comment better but I was tired last night when I started this topic.

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