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Originally Posted by OneBuckFilms View Post
Personally, I find voting for either Obama or Hillary to be the wrong decision. One I cannot make, since I am not a Citizen.

But I will say this:

Either one of them will undoubtably raise my taxes. I don't have the reference handy, but Obama, from what I understand, actually said this openly.

I would like to see the Government live within it's means without artificially inflating those means and decreasing mine.

I would like a government that actually enforces the borders by it's own laws, while streamlining the immigration and visa processes, so that legal, trackable immigration takes place.

There are no candidates who will do this, but I firmly believe that the current Democratic candidates are not going to help matters here.

BTW, NCC-73515, I find that this forum could easily be used for political debates.

Especially since this is an "Off Topic" general discussion area.

In fact, I would argue that part of the process to bring us closer to Star Trek's future is figuring out these details, and perhaps how they could lead to us being ready for the 23rd Century.
Of which country are you a citizen?
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