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I have the first three episodes of STNV on my hard drive, and I won't delete them for anything. Each show has become better than the last, World Enough and Time was brilliant, and whether Cawley's involvement in XI brings more legitimacy to STNV or not, I will continue to watch whatever is produced.

I disagree that they need a new Kirk or Scott, I liked the old Spock, and I think they're doing just fine as is.

As for criticism, HRH and I have been in a few arguments at and I, for one, listen to him about as much as he believes the STNV episodes are canon, so not really at all. The man's never had a single constructive thing to say, and his only use is to instigate arguments, so he's useless.

As for my take on whether STNV is canon or not, I've not seen anything in the episodes, yet, that could NOT be considered canon, although I also must say I feel a lot of what's been done is re-hashed TOS. That's alright, though, because the goal with that, were I producing STNV, would be to introduce those who, perhaps, don't know much about TOS to what's come before, to link TOS to STNV. I see nothing wrong with that and, as a result, the entertainment value of STNV is much greater to me than to a bunch of hypocritical hyper-critical Siskel and Ebert wanna-be's.

Good day.
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