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One of my friends over at another sci-fi board said he wasn't sure. It seemed that Stargate was getting long in the tooth with Earth's ability to pretty much defeat omnipotent beings week after week.

This was my reply:

Originally Posted by Martok2112
OMNIPOTENT BEING 1: So, OB2, whom do we frack with this week?
OMNIPOTENT BEING 2: Hmmm, I dunno OB1, how about the humans?
OMNIPOTENT BEING 1: The humans? I dunno. They have that SG-1 and SG-A team to deal with, and from what I've heard, they've been laying the pimp hand down on guys like us, and are getting better and better at it as the years go on. If we're not careful, we could be an endangered species.
OMNIPOTENT BEING 2: Jeez, you're such a wuss, OB1. Where's your sense of adventure and mischief.
OMNIPOTENT BEING 1: Would you please stop calling me OB1?! It makes me sound like one of those lesser Jedi dudes!
OMNIPOTENT BEING 2: Heh! With the way you whine like a baby, you should be thankful I don't call you OB-GYN!
OMNIPOTENT BEING 1: You dare?!!! Why I oughtta--!!! Take that!!! (shoots a bolt of lightning)
OMNIPOTENT BEING 2: (easily deflects the shot) Dude, that is sooooo 1983! Try this! (turns OB1 into a Klingon Targ)
OMNIPOTENT BEING 1: Snort!!! Snort!!! Weeeeeeekkk!

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