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Originally Posted by CoW mAn View Post
Have you seen World Enough And Time? How would you compare that to some actual TOS episodes, hmmm?
I gotta say. That was very good. It was a little choppy getting into it but once old Sulu beamed onto the Enterprise, it was very good from then on. Very good.
So in the spirit of constructive critisism-
If Cawley's going to keep this thing going, I really think he should get someone else to play Kirk. He comes off as a Shatner impersonator. I don't care for the actor playing Scott either. It looks like they got someone new playing Spock so we'll see how that turns out. They have kick *** effects but the acting & some of the sets don't jive with it. I realize that this thing is near & dear to Cawley's heart & he's a purist but I think he needs to let the role go to someone younger & bring in some artists who can amp up the sets & bit & still keep them pure & get a director who can pull something more from the actors & get a new Scott.
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