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Originally Posted by Summer Storm Pictures View Post
I'm all for constructive criticism. Don't get me wrong, however I do try to back up my criticism and be as balanced as I can in doing so.

I'm no fan of Nemesis, but then I'm rather outspoken in my relative apathy to the TNG era vision of Star Trek. I finally did see Nemesis a few months back and felt it was par for the course, although I also felt it became a bit self-indulgent at times and seemed as if there just had to be a better story that could have been told.

As for STNV, I do not work with that group but have gotten to know several of them ''virtually.'' They know me for being a ''piece of work'', and I have been at times critical of their projects, but again constructively and with a purpose other than to simply bash them.
"Bashing" and "constructive"

Both very subjective terms.

If I said "I dislike NV because I find it to be little more than silly nostalgia for a style of Star Trek which is now obsolete, thus Cawley's earlier complaints (made before he was offered a part) about the new movie not being "pure" simply because it isn't an exact replication of the style of TOS, are as absurd as complaining that "Batman Begins" didn't have "POW" and "SPLAT" on screen graphics like the campy TV show of the 1960's"....someone may come along and say something like.....

Don't worry, HRH just likes bashing things.
So I can't post opinions while concerning myself about whether they'll be considered "constructive" or not.
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