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Originally Posted by Salter1701 View Post
Only seen New Voyages and Hidden Frontier.

New Voyages is alright

but IMHO... Hidden Frontier is awful.
Gotta give Hidden Frontier credit for heart, if nothing else. Versus New Voyages, which is...well just laughable and really hard to take serious, imo.

Actually, my favorite "fan series" wasn't in the visual was the "Kraith" series of fanfics written back in the 1970s...

There was an Andorian series of fanfics as well, much of which seems to have influenced the way the Andorians were presented in the Enterprise series...
Some from fanfic, a lot of "Last Unicorn Games's" RPG sourcebook "Among The Clans - Andorians"; which, itself, I think heavily influenced by fanfic.

And for those that don't know, info on the Kraith series.. IRC, I think one of the Kraith writers went on to write profic 'Trek novel-- or a novel.
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