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Originally Posted by HRH The KING View Post
Does that mean then that since I have never come close (nor have the desire) to producing a multi-million dollar budget movie that I cannot for example say that NEM was ridiculously bad or mediocre?
I'm all for constructive criticism. Don't get me wrong, however I do try to back up my criticism and be as balanced as I can in doing so.

I'm no fan of Nemesis, but then I'm rather outspoken in my relative apathy to the TNG era vision of Star Trek. I finally did see Nemesis a few months back and felt it was par for the course, although I also felt it became a bit self-indulgent at times and seemed as if there just had to be a better story that could have been told.

As for STNV, I do not work with that group but have gotten to know several of them ''virtually.'' They know me for being a ''piece of work'', and I have been at times critical of their projects, but again constructively and with a purpose other than to simply bash them.
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