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Default Some ''mental algebra'' to ponder

Ask yourself why The Menagerie was released to theaters last December? It's hard to believe that ''good will'' was the only reason behind the celebration. Money was not made. PR was accomplished perhaps, but other than that, one just has to ask themselves, ''why did they do that?''

Spock and his loyalty to a former captain and seeming betrayal of his present captain is pivotal to The Menagerie story. Spock is pivotal to the upcoming movie. Is Spock going on yet another ''binge'' of seemingly illogical behavior, but this time to save Kirk?

The Talosians are perhaps the only under-utilized ''gimmie'' plot device of all Star Trek still out there gathering dust. Their power of illusion could be the reboot mechanism perhaps?

Are we in for a little Star Trek meets The Matrix? Are we possibly talking not alternate timelines but alternate realities? Perhaps a combination of both?

The math is interesting to tinker with...
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