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That's a useful quote to pull, since it combines two facets of Orci's work in the film which fans (for now) seem insistent upon separating: this film's creators are fans of the original TREK and some measure of the wider universe (films, books, series), and plan to tell as canon-consistent story as their concept allows. Respect for canon without being slavish to the minutae of canon.

The creative team recognizes their responsibility to what exists and the fans who not only appreciate it but have kept it alive through decades, but they're also telling a new ambitious story and they must also serve the entertainment needs of their vision too. This new film must balance both of those efforts, and thus it cannot satisfy only one or the other totally -- as indeed no other project could, either.

The trick now is: fans know all about everything TREK already existing and practically nothing about this new story, so it's the fans who are having the hardest time seeing a potential balance. For now.

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