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Originally Posted by Oregon_Coast_Trekkie View Post
Another thing we need to remember: TOS wasn't popular during it's original tv run. In fact, if you remember, it took begging and pleading to even get a 3RD season. Even for the 60's, most people thought it was cheese. Even though I like TOS, I fully recognize it's cheesiness.
On the contrary...when the Neilsen system was overhauled and went to a demographics system a year after TOS was cancelled, they found out TOS was very strong in the show's target wasn't a major hit, but it's numbers were far better than NBC had been led to believe by the old system. Star Trek always had it's audience and popularity...the network just never knew it. That's why the numbers did well in syndication...the same people continued to watch Trek reruns and new people came on board.

And I for one as someone who has been with Trek since the beginning never thought of TOS as "cheesy"...
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