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Originally Posted by Tygrrius View Post
I've noticed this kind of fake, overenthusiastic laughing as well - in fact, in the very scenes you mentioned. That continues to this day. At the screening of Star Trek: The Menagerie last year, there were a couple of people that were laughing obnoxiously at every minor joke - such as when a woman from Kirk's past was referenced and he gives this kind of subtle "oh no!" expression. A funny moment, to be sure, but not worthy of rolling around on the floor. I don't know, maybe it's some kind of reaction to the collective experience of watching something familiar with a bunch of strangers?

Of course, there really were no mainstream folks at The Menagerie -- other than those dragged along by us geeks. Hopefully, that will change with Star Trek.

As you noted, the fake laughing does tend to quiet down after the first weekend, though. Maybe they should release Star Trek a day or two early just for those guys to get it out of their systems and then let everyone else in.
I love the menagerie, that would ruin the experience for me.
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