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I'm not that evangelical minded when it comes to trek. as long as there are enough fans to make it worthwhile as a franchise and as long as i love it then were good.
I have not enjoyed Trek since first contact.
There are two things though that will always put of mainstream audiences.
The first is in jokes. On there own they would actually go unnoticed.
2 is the geeky over reaction of some zealous fans in the audience. How embarrasing.
I still remember the gafawing of the geeks every time Data showed emotion during Generations. Especially since the laughing was not so much because it was really funny but just to let every one else in the theatre know that they got it.
Also sad that what should have at least been a significant moment was channeled into nothing more than comic relief.
I decided then that i would not see a trek film opening day ever again and i love star trek. For a non fan i think they would just decide to never go again.

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