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I have a few Trek dreams in my time

The two that stick in my mind are...

1) It involved me and Kira (the rest is ^^)

2) The most recent was when I found out that ST:XI may have time travel and Romulans...

I remember being on the bridge on 1701-D, but a larger and darker lit set, with a large sofa area outside of the captains ready room.

Anyways, Tasha was there on the bridge, and we were all looking out at the View Screen. We were hearing a report on how startfeet people were just disappearing with out any cause. About that time, two people began to scream as they just faded away into thin air.

Next, I remember I was in a dorm room like setting, and was laying face first on a bed, and I remember a couple of people in the room saying it was Romulans taking people and not only making them disappear, but erasing them from time.

Then, as I was listening, I hand reached up from the side of the bed and took a hold of my hand. I jumped up and looked around and I saw an Alien (not romulan) grabbing people in the room and killing them as they disappeared.
.... lol, I guess I am a little too excited about the new movie.
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