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Originally Posted by Summer Storm Pictures View Post
Another early dream was sitting with Chekov in what might be the future TNG Ten-Forward. We were both having bowls of ice cream sitting at the counter or whatever.

The next thing you know, a shuttle swooped down from the sky and hovered next to them, the hatch opened and Scotty leaned out to tell Kirk that some critical situation had occurred and that Kirk had purposely left his communicator at the cabin and so they couldn't locate them for a transporter lock. Later, I actually used this material in a spec TNG script called ''Tides'' which both got me into the AFI as well as pitches at various TNG-era shows.

Now that's the good stuff. I have often used my dreams as a source of new ideas. I too dream in color and feel the heat and texture, never really thought much about it. I thought everybody did.
All artists are obssesive compulsive... its what keeps us going!
The science inspires the dream, the dream creates the art...the art fuels the dream and continues to inspire the science!
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