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The earliest dream related to Star Trek I can remember is as a kid of 6 or 7. I'm a ''vivid dreamer'' -- I can see, feel, taste, hold a telephone conversation, look through a camera and see the same image I'm ''seeing'' in my dream. I can feel wind, cold, heat, and of course, see in perfect color. I don't fly as much as I used to but when I do, I can feel the speed, inertia, gravity, the blast of wind and so on.

So, my first Star Trek related dream was just so. I had seen enough to ''record'' and ''render'' things 3-D in my mind. I was on the TOS Enterprise bridge. I had complete control and of course I was Kirk. Everything I said was succinct and I felt like I was in command. The last thing I can remember was ordering people to the transporter room to beam down.

Another early dream was sitting with Chekov in what might be the future TNG Ten-Forward. We were both having bowls of ice cream sitting at the counter or whatever.

There were other TOS-themed dreams throughout my ''growing up'' years.

Later, as I was in high school, and after the first movie (STTMP), I began to experience what I call my ''theater dreams'' of upcoming Star Trek movies. I'm sure they were caused by anxious anticipation of the upcoming movies.

Months before ST2TWOK I had my first. It always went the same way. I was in a cool suburbia-type cineplex and I was early enough to find a seat in a big cool auditorium surprisingly empty with perhaps maybe two or three others. The movie would always ''begin'' but that was it. I never got too far into it. I do, however, remember this one as it opened with Kirk and Bones on some sort of two-man boat where Bones was trying to show Kirk the pleasure of fishing and peanut-butter sandwiches. The next thing you know, a shuttle swooped down from the sky and hovered next to them, the hatch opened and Scotty leaned out to tell Kirk that some critical situation had occurred and that Kirk had purposely left his communicator at the cabin and so they couldn't locate them for a transporter lock. Later, I actually used this material in a spec TNG script called ''Tides'' which both got me into the AFI as well as pitches at various TNG-era shows.

Anyway, these dreams lasted through the original cast movies and stopped abruptly with the first TNG (Generations) movie.

It is interesting to note, however, they have returned. I had a ''theater dream'' a few weeks ago and it took me back. It was like home cooking. Once again I was early to the theater (where were the lines?) and I found myself a nice comfortable seat in this massive auditorium and sat down. The movie began (no previews?) and all I can remember is ''swooshing stars'' and some really great adventurous music much like Cliff Eidelmann's from The Undiscovered Country.

I'm glad to finally be back in ''my movie theater.''
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