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Originally Posted by TheTrekkie View Post
Look at ST FC and STIV (what a surprise time travels) and you know how a Star Trek movie can be a success for Trekkies and meanstream.

Tell me one single Star Trek movie that was hard to follow? I even would say Star Trek movies were up to the present more simple to understand than a lot of other movies. From the beginning on you know who is the enemy, who are the heroes and what is the danger ... and this will stay like that until the end of the film. There were only few big surprises, only few storyturns in Star Trek movies.
Lost is a lot more difficult to follow, Lord of the Rings was a lot more complex, but both Lost and LotR were successful. Complex story =/= no success.

I'm just saying what is keeping my friends from enjoying the franchise, I don't know what's up with the rest of the population. I wasn't speaking about the complexity of the story, either, just the technobabble.

I followed the movies just fine, but I have to explain what's going on to my friends, which is really, really annoying. Ugh....
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