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Originally Posted by sir num nums View Post
If you have the time, you should make a short Star Trek Animation, say around 5 minutes or so. Maybe get some friends to help put. Then send it to people and post on Youtube like Ryan and Dorkman did.

although, only Ryan ended up getting a job out of that though.
Thanks for the idea! I wouldn't mind making my own Star Trek films. Career-wise I had to avoid it at school. Its not good having a reel of mostly Star Trek stuff if you are applying to all kinds of companies. In my 3D modeling reel I just had a 360 spin of Voyager in wireframe and simple shader. Long before I went back to school. I cooked up my own fantasy sci-fi story(14 pages so far) as a source of original ideas for drawings, paintings, 3D models and animation. It became my thesis. Check it out at if you like. There is a ton of work yet to be done. Alas the time to do that has vanished. Summer will be the best time. I don't teach on Sundays in the summer. I look forward to that...
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