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Talking Watch the Reading Rainbow TNG episode here!!

Its cut up into 3 parts on YouTube. It was a 30 minute commercialess childrens show that encouraged reading in the United States on PBS stations. Levar Burton hosted Reading Rainbow way before he worked on Star Trek. This episode first aired in the 80s. The very first episode of Reading Rainbow 5th season. Reading Rainbow used to be filmed mostly in New York but since he got the role of Geordi. His hair style changed and the location of the later Reading Rainbow episode were mostly in LA until TNG was over. I love this episode still to this day. This episode makes my spine tingle and makes me want to work in film and television more than ever! If a RR kid wasn't watching TNG at the time they sure were after this episode! I was so young(born in 79), I watch both and never made that connection between the character and actor until this episode. This just made me love Levar and Geordi even more. Remember in season one when everyone got drunk sickness and he was whining about never seeing a rainbow... Or arguing with Wesley saying how he'll get more out of reading a good book than going on a date with that girl(the episode where Sarek loses his mind control)... giggle at the connection everytime. Childhood hero! Sigh...
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