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I think you can have just a little bit of techo-babble, it would be ok, as long as there is a simple explanation. Medical dramas have medical-babble, but they are still successful. I think a good twist (like Lt. Valeris in Star Trek VI, referenced by TheTrekkie above) would actually be a good element.

The unfortunate truth is that Star Trek does have a reputation for being geeky. But a lot of that also come from people who dedicate their lives to watching Star Trek and look for all the inconsistencies and then point them out. For those of you that do that, I kindly ask that you restrain yourself while in the theatre. Just let people enjoy the film while watching it... especially Trek newbies. Come here to the forum and voice your complaints, don't yell out how a line of dialogue contradicts something said in Episode 47. Not only does it show obsessiveness on your part, it's also just annoying having people talking during a movie.

I also say this as kindly and compassionately as possible: wearing a costume to a movie is seen as weird, creepy and unacceptable by the mainstream. If you want Star Trek to be a huge box office success and to be re-energized, please dress normally to go the theatre. Wait for the DVD to come out to have your Star Trek costume party.

What I am saying is if we keep our eccentric behavior in check, it will help Star Trek.
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