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Originally Posted by Saavik View Post
Yeah! And don't forget his appartement... with this 'forgive me'- corner which gave the impression he doesn't want to kill anybody. *shudder*
I love that they completely dropped anything relating to the FORGIVE ME room after the pilot Sometimes I wonder whether it should even be considered canon because at that point they were still considering making him a fallen priest, right?

There was a thread on a Heroes forum a while back that has since been closed about whether or not people thought Sylar was going to kill Molly when she was in FBI custody. I personally don't think he was going to (at least, he wouldn't have then) because he was dragging her away... it's not as if he's ever had any qualms about leaving a bloody mess behind for people to find before. That doesn't add to our discussion, I just really needed to get that out. But if everything had gone according to his plan at the end of season two? Yes, I think he absolutely would have killed her. But since I like her, I'm happy his plans were foiled.

Trekkette... I really want to see that tattoo!

Hiro and time travel... I really try not to think about it too much. For me, fanfiction* fills in a lot of those plot holes and "what if"s concerning his ability... and dang are there a lot, lol. If they addressed them all there wouldn't be time for anything else. Perhaps I'm unenlightened but I had a hard time buying Sulu's "It was meant to be this way" shtick. It felt like a cheap cop out. Dangit, I said I wasn't going to talk about this!

*There is an absolutely awesome fic about a very dark version of Hiro manipulating the timeline again and again to find the perfect way to get back at Sylar/Gabriel for hurting Charlie... it was pretty shocking to read.
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