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Originally Posted by InabaKoshi View Post
This movie is being aimed at bringing in the millions of casual Trek fans who watched TOS and TNG and tuned in and out of the rest of the shows.

Kirk and Spock are pop icons and have to be used, and no restrictions are needed, especially using unseen (for the most part) lousy plots from ENT.
The current spoiler-rumor is that Nero is a 24th century Romulan who travels back in time to kill Kirk before he begins his numerous adventures. A "temporal transporter" sounds like as good a way as any for him to travel back in time. They don't have to spend 15 minutes explaining the Temporal Cold War to the audience. The ENT fans will get the reference, and the rest of the audience will just oooh and ahhh at the cool visual effect ILM comes up with to represent being beamed through time.

That's assuming ANY of this is true, of course.
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