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Originally Posted by Huskerz1701 View Post
First off.......if the rumors I've read are true.....
**Possible Spoiler?** would that reconcile with the events of the established timeline??

At the end of Nemesis, Riker was mentioned as leading the Titan back to Romulus for some sort of peace mission. Now if the movie were to start out in the present day, would Nero & his cohorts be portrayed as separatists as well, like the Remans were, would they be part of the Romulan Navy proper, or would they just be two more general-type villians (w/no mention at all made of any other Romulans or their government) ??

Follow this link at your own risk!
Maybe the Empty Crown from Star Trek Elite Force II

If it is to do with the spoiler then maybe something to do with Future Guy/Temporal Cold War.
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