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Originally Posted by SouthernSpockette View Post
Data did have an evil twin brother -- Lore (not B4. STX totally messed that up by forgetting to even mention Lore, acting like they were so surprised to find another Data). When was Lore supposed to have been created? If during this movie's time period, then who knows? Maybe Lore will make an appearance.

Lore was a Soong-type android constructed by Dr. Noonien Soong and Juliana Soong at the Omicron Theta colony and activated on September 9, 2335. Built in Dr. Soong's own image, Lore was the fourth android they constructed and the first successful example of a fully-functional positronic brain. An earlier model Soong-type android, B-4, also had a positronic brain but of a less sophisticated type.
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