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Hmm. Favorite bands? Well, I like Simon and Garfunkel (both their time together and solo work), The Carpenters, Janis Joplin, Tracy Chapman, Evanescence, Lionel Richie, Weird Al Yankovic, Michael Jackson, The Police, and U2. These are some of my favorite and most-often listened to groups and singers, but a lot of the music I listen to is from other artists that I know from one or two songs of and nothing else, except from singing a certain sort of music.

So even if I don't know their names, I still love the genre or type of songs they sing. Doo-Wop, for example. I lovelovelove the sound and rhythm and style of that era but can hardly name more than three artists, and the same goes for much of the Sixties, too. I adore the sound and all that, but don't know too many specific artists. ('Cept for a few of the important ones. The Beatles, obviously. Jefferson Airplane and The Mamas and Papas, FTW.)

I also listen to seventies music, the folk/rock songs and a little bit of funk and disco, a mixed bag of Eighties songs (love ballads, New Wave, Rock... the Eighties had loads of good music to pick from), classic rock of both the 'n Roll and Genesis/Aerosmith/Pink Floyd/etc. varieties, and a handful of Nineties tunes for nostalgia and stuff. Though some of the Nineties' pop was pretty good, albeit from the perspective of someone who was a kid at the time and can't remember anything bad from that entire decade. (And don't feel bad, Trekette, BSB are awesome<3)

Oh, and soundtracks. I haven't got very many, but the ones I have are great. I've got the Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, some Pokemon music, Tarzan, The Sound of Music, Treasure Planet, and a lot of random classical music that I'm not very knowledgeable about yet but like listening to anyway. Classical music is just great, especially the Strauss family's waltzes. I looove those songs, they're SO much fun.
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