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Originally Posted by TyrantMikey View Post
  • I'd love to see them maintain the existing continuity, and just fill in the gaps. It was a five year mission, and the original series was canceled after only three seasons. Then TMP showed up years after their mission was completed; Kirk had been promoted to Admiral, Spock was off on Vulcan, McCoy was retired (I think), and that whiney idiot Decker was going to be Captain of the Enterprise. There's tons of material yet to explore. The problem with trying to shoehorn new movies into existing historical canon is that you have to be very careful that you don't inadvertently contradict any of the canon that covers time that has gone on before (that is, the canon established by movies and series that cover the future time frame). You don't want to create a time paradox in the canon!
  • On the other hand, it'd be nice to see a re-imagining of the universe. A fresh perspective on the Trekverse from new eyes. From a purely selfish point of view, what would the universe look like if it was more industrialized, not so squeaky clean, if there was more danger, more intrigue, bigger battles, and so forth? What if the technology were more advanced, more aliens were actually present on the ship, and the interpersonal conflicts were more pronounced? What if the issues that were addressed were more relevant to our times? And what if the stories were freed from the baggage of forty+ years of historical canon so that they could go in any direction that the writers needed to take them in? Oh, the possibilities!
The question I have with your second thought is if they are re-imagining Trek, then why are they going to do so with the same core characters of TOS? We already love these characters and are so enriched in their history and adventures it just is a major letdown if they rewrite their story. Again, it depends on what the movie will look like, but I don't want to see a new cast redoing 40+ years of scripts.
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