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Originally Posted by EFFeX View Post
If Klingons are in the movie, don't put the TOS era ones... I think the TNG era ones had a lot of character and I think the younger generation connects to those more...

Most "non-Trek" fans are going to be like, "Why does that Klingon look like just a random guy with a painted face and big eyebrows?" or... "That Klingon doesn't look like Worf..."

I know die hard fans aren't going to agree with me, but I can really see this being an issue.
Good point, I really think that's the big issue. Obviously they have already made the decision but I must admit I would be disappointed in the incontinuity of the looks as many others. If not, oh well, I suppose it's not as big of a deal as some continuity, but a disappointment none the less.
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