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Originally Posted by Ditroi View Post
The episode where Levar Burton went behind the scenes of the TNG set and showed us how they did the FX. That hooked me. I would watch that episode over and over and over. That determined my destiny to work in film/tv.
I loved Reading Rainbow when I was a kid. A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I were keeping my neice for a few days after she'd had surgery. She's 8, and we were getting her ready for school. She was watching PBS while eating breakfast, and "Reading Rainbow" was on. The first thing she hollered out when she saw Levar Burton, was "Reading Rainbow's on!". Even if she doesn't know a lot about Star Trek, I am thrilled that she loves to read, and that she loves that same show I was hooked on when I was a kid.
"Why is any object we don't understand always called 'a thing' ?" ~ Dr. Leonard H. McCoy, Star Trek: The Motion Picture
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