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Almost any animation traditional & digital.

Most anime irritates me(for all kinds of reasons...don't get me started!) I only watch and buy Miyazaki stuff. Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle are my favs.

I really want to see Persepolis. No time, I'll buy when out on DVD.

Infernal Affairs - "The Departed" was an American remake and rewrite of the Hong Kong film.

Contact - Love love love this movie. If there wasn't Star Trek...this would be my favorite.

Sea Biscuit - The horses...the history...the actors...the cinematography... a sport story I can get into. I read the book right after seeing this.

Anything by Ridley Scott. He's the best!

Oh yeah... I support Ang Lee. He's really good. Love him. I thought the Hulk was ok... its not aweful. I like the editing style, the intense scene between him and his father (I met Nick Nolte years ago while doing caricature work, used me to get away from a crazy fan). The CG work eh... the size and the green of Hulk did make it hard to accept. But Eric Bana, is hot! I'm looking forward to seeing him in ST:XI!!
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