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I love Heroes!

I don't know if this would class me as sad or naff but I have the Heroes Helix tattooed onto the inside of my right wrist. Think it freaked out Ando when I met him at a convention I was at a few months back...

Anyway, Season 1 was out of this world and I had high hopes for Season 2, hoping they would carry on the high standard of work. But sadly, because of the writer's strike that was not meant to be, though I must say even though an alternate ending to Volume 2 was used and they have had to cut a whole Volume out, it did serve it's purpose. There were several cliff hangers at the end.

Personally I am interested to find out whether Nikki died in the explosion or not. Seeing as we really don't know the true extent of her power - just that she happens to be hosting several personalities in that head of hers.

The Sylar plot was good but more could have be done to possibly carry it over into the next volume...create more suspense wiith the will he won't he get his power back thing.

I actually ennjoyed the Hiro going back in time story though it probably could have taken a little less time to cover. Brilliant twist though when Kensei turns out to be Adam Monroe and that whole shabang!

The one thing that I really didn't like was the whole Claire being a rebel/hang on maybe not thing and the love story with West. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed WATCHING West but didn't find the story very compelling. It felt rushed and kinda like they just wanted to have the cheerleader in it cause everyone just wanted to oogle her.

I hope Season 3 can pick the Series up out of this slump.
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