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Everyone wants to bash these shows, such as Nemesis, Insurrection, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise, but when you look at each of them as a separate entertainment experience rather than a small part of the whole of the Star Trek universe, I feel they're really quite well done.

What's funny to me is that people across the internet -and I'm sure this started as a fad- want to bash Berman for screwing up Star Trek, but I have to say that's awefully dog gone short-sighted. Why was Berman involved in TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT, and nearly every one of the movies if Gene felt he wasn't good enough to do the job.

Give me a list of what Berman did that was ACTUALLY wrong, not functionally, but how he ruined Star Trek? Didn't he expand, like Mr. Abrams is perhaps attempting to, the Star Trek universe out of the monster-of-the-week syndrome and into more sensible Captains and crew who were not, necessarily, invincible and used their brains to solve problems rather than, "Uggh, tuk tuk, me Kirk, you target!"?

I don't know the other half of B&B, but what did these people do that made them unsuccessful, ignorant, or so totally wrong in your eyes that is indefensible?
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