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Originally Posted by Ktrek View Post
I know it's not much consolation but I think you made the right decision to stay with your schooling. You had already committed yourself to that and it was the course you were meant to take.'s frustrating to think about what "could have been" but it does no good to look back and speculate. You may or may not have gotten a more permanent position. The important thing was to finish your education. Something will come along and maybe even something better than a gig with Star Trek. Just hang in there. You may want to consider going back to school and work toward a masters. It would make you more employable.

I'm 28... this is my second degree... no more schooling(no time for enrichment classes even)...time to work. My first degree was fine arts(drawing, painting, sculpting and cel animation). 2001 when I graduated the US traditional animation industry vanished. I worked alot of different jobs to pay off my loans while searching for other ways to just live. Meet good people..did interesting things. Substitute teaching, art teacher, background acting, caricature artist, department store worker...but all I saw were dead ends. Went back to school 2003. Here I am... Financially I am well off, I live on my own. My relatives no longer blame and pester my mom for letting me pursue my dreams. My dreams are not far fetched at all... to work, just to work, on some really really great movies and/or tv shows or commercials. I'm in the right town to do it in... the way things have gone for me... seems like I'll always be a hair short of my goal. We'll see.
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