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Well, it's Monday Morning Quarterback, so here are some more thoughts on that game.

-I still think it was one of the best Super Bowls I've seen in a long time (Probably since the one with Carolina and New England).

-I really did like Belicheck's attitude during the whole Spygate thing (He can't change the past) but what happened yesterday was totally classless. Leaving before the game was over and I know it was only one second but he just looked really bad.

-I was also questioning Brady's class yesterday as well. He showed more than Belicheck, but he had some attitude. As a 49er fan, I was thinking that Brady was starting to be the best QB ever to play in Football and I'm kind of glad that it's still Joe Montana. Also, I think it's how you win the game that puts you on top. Brady has never had to work really hard for a win. Montana worked magic all the time. What happened yesterday was a one step forward two steps back type deal.

-It was so awesome seeing Lott, Rice and Young at midfield yesterday. I was the only 49er fan in the party and I was cheering. God it's so fun remembering greatness. It almost puts this season out of the memory.

-Jordin Sparks did awesome for the National Anthem. That was the best rendition since the Dixie Chicks in 2003 for the Raiders Bucs super bowl. Well done

-I still don't like Eli Manning's decision to not go to San Diego, (Still strikes me as arrogant) but I have to respect him for yesterday. What a game

-Keith Olbermann usually did a Worst Person in the NFL every Sunday Night. Well, I think now the worst person in the NFL is Tiki Barber. I really wonder what he has to say today. Pity NBC can't fire him for being an idiot because that's exactly what he is.

-Now that Football is over, it's time to focus on other sports like Hockey, Basketball (Both getting really good now), Baseball starting, and one more thing:

Boogity Boogity Boogity Lets Go Racing Boys.

Daytona 500, 2 weeks from Yesterday. Can't wait.
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