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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
IMO, one of subtle differences in the 4th season's story-telling was to not either run a plot- or character focused show like it was usual in the Berman/Braga times but to bring all characters into it.
One of the problems in the hypothetical 5th season might have been the over-reliance on TOS homage and no-exploring. The Enterprise was nearly always in Earth's vicinity and if she ventured into Andorian or Klingon space she was back on Earth in the next show. That helped to tell the stories involving the forming of the Coalition of Planets but it lacked the 'exploring-being-all-alone-out-there' spirit TOS and TNG and ENT in its earlier seasons had.
I agree, but you could clearly see they were building up the appearences of the Romulans which would have lead to the war which would no doubt have been the arc for season 6 or 7. Season 5 I think would have went back to more of the explore plots but at the sametime building up for the war. (Eg the echo subspace relays suddenly going offline, cargo haulers getting many more attacks than usual, potential allies getting attacked and then finally attacks directly to Earth/Vulcan/Andor come season 6/7.

With the resulting war bringing all these races together, going beyond what the Romuans calculated could have happened. Then the Federation forms with the inital goal to stop such incursions from happening again.

So even just from those limited plots, Enterprise still had a lot of story to tell, and no doubt more creative people than me can think of even more possible storylines than that.
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