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Originally Posted by sir num nums View Post
But... People do have to stop and remember it is all fantasy...
Well, the people and the ships, yes those are fantasy. However, there are a lot of advances taking place, and Star Trek is, indeed, becoming a reality, bit by bit. The stories of Trek have almost always been based off happenstance in the real world.

In my opinion, all of this works together to justify the way some people feel so extraordinarily strongly about Trek. However, I do agree that playing games, or doing anything, to excess, is not good for a person, even when the thing being done to excess is supposed to be toward an individual's good.

I have a 3rd season Next Generation uniform top I purchased in Ansbach, Germany, and it's wrapped in plastic, has my one rank pip on it, and my communicator pin is here in my desk drawer -too heavy to leave on the uniform, lest the fabric is stretched-; however, I've not worn that uniform top in nearly ten years, no longer have pants or boots to go with it, and I'm uncertain I'll wear that top again until I have money to go to a convention.
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